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GIPHY CAM is an app for creating animated GIFs developed by the creators of the famous portal, Giphy. Here, you can find all the tools you need to create an endless number of animated GIFs including stickers, filters, frames, text options, etc.

The interface in GIPHY CAM is really intuitive. In the upper half of the screen, you can see the image you're capturing with the camera at that moment, while in the lower half, you can see all the editing tools. In the middle, you have the record button.

One of the great things about GIPHY CAM in comparison to other similar apps is the enormous number of original filters. Instead of having tons of filters in different shades of sepia, you can find filters with effects like VHS, video games, and much more. The same goes for the stickers and frames; forget about simple frames, instead you have ones with Star Trek and cat themes.

GIPHY CAM is an excellent app for creating animated GIFs. It offers an intuitive interface and outstanding features. Pus, once you've finished creating a GIF, you can easily share it with any other app or save it to your device.
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Requires Android 5.0 or higher

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